About Prophecy Technologies

We are an IT consulting company that believes in using technology in unique ways to help our clients grow their business to new heights.

Bourbon Batch is an Innovative, a Powerful, a Trend Setting Webapp

Find rare whiskeys near you! Bourbon Batch is the premiere webapp when it comes to learning about new whiskeys, bourbons, scotches, you name it! We have optimized the webapp to allow users to view places that have the whiskeys you are looking for as well as learn new things about whiskey through our Whiskeypedia.

Now the question is why sign up for Bourbon Batch?

The reason is simple, Bourbon Batch allows the user to search through a database of places and whiskeys in order to find what you are looking for. As opposed to just going through multiple store/whiskey websites as well as going through phone call after phone call, you can now search up what you want with our easy to use webapp. This is truly powerful for people who have a hard time trying to find the whiskeys they need as well as for people who just want to learn more about whiskey.

If you want to see Bourbon Batch in action click the button below!

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Our Team

Rakip Bebo

Rakip Bebo

Lead Technology Consultant

As Prophecy Technologies' Lead Technology Consultant Rakip Bebo has always had a passion in using technology to help others and knows how to help any business grow. Rakip has had IT experience in numerous different companies such as Evolve Bank & Trust, Tressler LLP, and Capsim Management Simulations. Rakip thrives on solving problems and helping others achieve their goals.

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David Gajek

David Gajek

Lead Sales Consultant

As Prophecy Technologies' Lead Sales Consultant, David Gajek oversees all the financial and real estate support to the company. David is a native Chicagoan and has worked in the private sector in various firms such as Deloitte, RSM and Chicago's Federal Home Loan Bank. Thriving on challenges in addition to his drive to succeed, he creates strategic plans to improve the company's sales and development.

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Faizaan Fahsal

Faizaan Fahsal

Web Consultant

Faizaan has had years of experience in web development working for many different clients. Faizaan is well versed on the front end as well as the back end, which allows him to create very complex websites/web apps. Faizaan is a great asset and his ability to understand his client's needs are second to none.

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Why Choose Us?

We are professionals that don't focus on just the project at hand but the business as a whole. We listen carefully to our clients needs and we try to figure out ways on how to use technology to enhance each company we work with.

Main Services

At Prophecy Technologies we believe in providing solid services for all our clients

Web Development

Every modern business should have a website. Get a website the perfectly suits your needs with modern design and functionality we guarantee that you will have a website that you will not only enjoy but also compete against the very best.

VR Consulting

Virtual Reality is starting to take over the market and is now one of the best marketing tools to help promote your business. Not only do we do virtual tours but we also create 360 video. Contact us to learn how virtual reality can help your business.

No business is complete without digital marketing. At Prophecy we will help spread your business throughout many different areas of the web wheather that is logo design, social media management, or SEO we have you covered.

More Services

We also provide these services to help our clients reach their fullest potential


We believe that any company that wants to stay ahead of the competition needs to have a solid database to know how to move their business forward. We will help you from design to completion.

Computer/Software Setup

No need to waste time or feel the frustration of learning how to setup your computer. We can setup your computer systems and download the necessary software.

Technology Consulting

Need to know how technology can impact your business? Get professional advice as we truly look at every client differently and provide guidance that can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Our Portfolio

Tim Brigham

Great Service!

Prophecy Technologies is awesome! They were instrumental in helping me create processes in my branch production model as well as doing work for my children's charity website. They were always eager to do the best they can to solve any of my IT needs!

- Tim Brigham
Branch manager at Evolve Bank & Trust (front cover of Chicago Agent Magazine)
Sidney Margolis

Just Perfect!

Rakip truely took the time to make sure that my site was not only redesigned properly but also helped bring my site to the top of Google. I have not only had better performace through my site but I also saved money in the process.

- Sidney Margolis
Law Offices of Sidney B Margolis