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Why Should You Have a Great Website?

How a good website can make all the difference!

Posted by Rakip Bebo on September 24, 2016

When creating a business, individuals need to find funding and ways to promote the business to receive sales. One of the best ways businesses can achieve this goal is simply having a website. Having a website should be one of the first tasks to complete when creating a new venture! A website itself can be used to accomplish various marketing strategies to help the business grow. Listed below are the ways that having a website affects a business.

  • Accessibility- A website can be accessible 24/7. While a store or service may be closed, having a website can help indicate to the consumer that the hours of the store and ways to reach the business.
  • Sales- Having an online presence, products and services are around the clock to whoever or whenever, and builds on the brand of the company in a positive way.
  • Marketing- One of the main reasons is of course marketing the company or services provided to advertise and inform consumers of the company’s presence. Whether it is a brokerage, banquet hall or flower shop, all industries need to indicate their presence online and overall the public
  • Websites are relatively inexpensive but have the potential to improve any business and reach many goals. Now how well presented the website is for consumers plays just as important of a role. Do I enjoy using the site? When I search the organization, can I find it easily? These are questions anyone asks when searching for the company. It is as similar as walking into a restaurant, other than judging the product (the food), is the restaurant well decorated? Was the service efficient? How was the cleanliness of the restaurant? These are questions that clients focus on and become the deciding factors to come back again. Efficient SEO and web design can help a business have a positive web presence that only improves the business.

    Web design is as important as simply having a website. Design elements for site play a role that affects the consumer’s trust with the company and brand. Having a boring web design, or lack of color can deter the consumer from using the site. Having complex layouts or pop advertisements, with slow load time are other factors that play a role that only discredits the website and the actual business itself. If there’s no effort to simply revitalize the website, what does that day about the individuals running the business? Content is vital and having unbiased, fresh and clear content helps consumers enjoy the information and have their questions cleared up efficiently. Having clear colors and accessibly develops a positive trust with the consumer and an unlikeness that the clients lose interest in the site.

    Just as important is having SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, make your website easy for both users and search engines to understand. SEO helps engines figure out what each page is about and how it may be useful for users. SEO provides clues that the engines can use to understand content. A simple online photo of a black chair is easily understood by a human but a search engine might find it hard to understand. Adding property structure is essential to SEO. By having properly built and formatted web content helps improve the visibility of search engines, which in return provides a long-term solution for the company. With having an easily accessible, understandable web site, a company will already be on the road to success.