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How VR can expand your business

See how VR can completly change the way you market your business!

Posted by Rakip Bebo on September 24, 2016

Virtual reality is finally becoming a useful tool for commercial applications, creating a more efficient and useful way for many individuals for many industries. VR applications can be used for:

  • Training- creating a safe learning environment for industries such as retail to airport operations training.

  • Marketing- helping to create a strong brand in an engaging way and shaping consumer attitudes.

  • Medicine- surgery and treatment simulations which can create feedback and engaging experience.

  • Entertainment- travel destinations or sporting events can be seen from your own home

Using VR, businesses and organizations can gain competitive advantages. VR provides realism that simulates real life situations and places the user within the engagement or location site. Different learning styles can be learned from the tool and innovatively create a convenience that saves times and money. Mark Curtis, founder of Fjord, a leading digital company, states:

Health, travel and media. All of these (industries) have clear cases already for VR

and Chris Savage of Wistia believes that:

the phones and computers that power all of the VR headsets are evolutions of what we are already using. For example, Oculus wa sable to get the Netflix app for the Oculus Gear working in about a week. Now we can watch every Netflix show and movie in an Oculus in 3D on a giant screen!

Initially used in the gaming sector, VR, using Oculus and Samsung Headsets, can help create virtual spaces. A virtual shopping experience or enjoying the immersive experience of a driving new Maserati can all be done using virtual reality.